Brass lamp, easy to create a high sense of home space

The three neutral colors of black, white and gray can harmonize and relieve the color, so they are called classic and timeless colors.
In addition to the main colors of black, white and gray, neutral colors, common gold, silver, and brass, these colors mixed with gray, belong to this system. The various rich textures, textures and patterns of the neutral color objects themselves can be arbitrarily mixed and matched with a variety of styles and home atmospheres, attracting countless people.
Brass color and low saturation metallic color make it a popular all-match color as soon as it enters the home world. Copper is approachable, gentle and peaceful, neutralizing the gorgeous wealth of gold and silver and the solid simplicity of steel. The sparkling metallic texture of the brass lamp made of copper adds infinite luxury and elegance to the space. During the decoration process, the decoration of brass products adds an elegant retro style to the coldness.

Post time: Aug-22-2020