3 maintenance tips for copper lamps

Lamps are the master of home atmosphere creation. Lamps of different shapes, colors, materials, and sizes can create a different style of the room, or simple and stylish, or luxurious atmosphere. In the selection of lighting products, copper lamps, as the nobles in the lamp, have been favored by many middle-class elites and wealthy people who admire the new European and American style.

Copper lamps adorn life so much, so do you know how to properly maintain copper lamps?

NO.1 Preparation stage:

To talk about the maintenance of copper lamps, we must first start with installation. Before installing the copper lamp, if it is necessary to wax the metal position of the copper lamp, the purpose is to fill the pores of the copper material with wax, prevent it from forming convection with the air, delay its aging and extend the lamp body Service life.

NO.2 Installation stage:

1. Due to the characteristics of the copper material itself, the copper lamp should be installed in a relatively dry environment. Keep it as dry and ventilated as possible. It cannot be in contact with acidic and corrosive liquids or gases. Therefore, toilets, kitchens and other places with high humidity and oily smoke Use with caution.

2. Chemicals such as acids, greases, chlorides, etc. will have corrosive effects on copper lamps. Although part of the surface of copper lamps will be sealed with oil, in order to extend the life of the copper lamps and achieve better results, it is recommended to bring Put on cotton gloves and do not touch them directly with your hands to avoid corrosion of the lamp body due to sweat on your hands.

3. After the copper lamp is put into use, like other lamps, do not touch the lamp body with sharp or hard objects to avoid scratches, which will affect the appearance and greatly reduce the life of the lamp body.

4. The surface of the copper lamp body should be kept as dry as possible and should not be washed with water, especially do not use acidic cleaners, wipe it with a feather duster or a clean dry cloth, and clean it 1-2 times a year. If you accidentally get wet, wipe it off as soon as possible, preferably with cold wind. For the part of copper material, there is a professional cleaning product “Bi Lizhu” on the market. It can be sprayed directly on a rag and scrubbed. The effect is equivalent to waxing to make the whole copper lamp look brighter, which is also a maintenance. The role of.