Brass Lost Wax Casting

Lost wax casting

(also referred to as investment casting) is a process where molten brass is cast into a ceramic mold cavity created from wax injected into metal or rubber molds. Metal molds allow us to create castings with high and detailed relief while rubber molds allow for undercuts.

Tooling fees and lead times are moderate. This process allows for sizes up to 4" diameter and thicknesses up to 0.250".

We can assist you in the design of emblems (including outdoor use emblems), musical instrument hardware, and private label products including belt buckles and jewelry. Our belt buckles can accommodate findings for secure attachment to law enforcement belts. (Sam Browne Belts).

Lost Wax Brass Casting

Private label retail products


Belt Buckles

Buckles for secure attachment to Sam Browne belts

Limited Edition Medallions

Emblems and Medallions

Musical Instrument Components

Law Enforcement security bucklesĀ