About Us

Cast Brass started in 1998 and became a family-owned business in 2005. Engineer by trade, Euron is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) who oversees the day-to-day operations.

Cast Brass in the production of brass, copper, and aluminum forgings and has considerable experience in several diversified fields. From decorative brass items to heavy duty brass pump parts, from automotive parts to marine boat parts, Cast Brass is able to supply a wide assortment of brass products according to your requirements. Our versatility enables us to quote competitively and cast competently, whether for long or short runs, large or small parts, simple or complex designs.

However, at Brass Aluminum there is a common goal and that is to supply a product with the best ratio between the highest quality and a competitive price.

Focused on customer service, clients become partners in the process when developing and manufacturing a new product. Communication between sales, engineering, production and quality control provides vital information to achieve the desired outcome for the project.

At Cast Brass we pride ourselves on being efficient, effective and valued by our customers.

Our Mission is to be leaders in the marketplace, best in class products and services at the most competitive prices. 

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